For two decades Imran has been coaching, training, mentoring & speaking to people, businesses & audiences to help facilitate effective and meaningful change; physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

He founded the integration of NLP, HCT & Intuitive therapy after learning directly from and working alongside some of the world’s most powerful influencers of human change; such as Tony Robbins, Dr John Grinder, Richard Bandler, Paul Mckenna, Sid Jacobson, Bruce Lipton, Robert Dilts, Michael Neill, and Bill Phillips.

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Through a comprehensive range of speaking, training, and mentoring services. These programs are designed to be uplifting, engaging, interactive, and experiential, allowing everyone to fully embody the impact of emotional change training in real-time.

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Tell me and I’ll forget, teach me and I may remember, Experience is where I learn.


Speaking is when your tongue can deliver the message of your Heart.


A great mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and extracts it out of you

Everything Begins and Ends with You.

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What Client Say

In all honesty, when I first decided to attend an NLP course led by Imran, I only had a shadow of an idea about what I was really signing up to learn. I knew that my friends who had already gone through the course had emerged transformed in significant ways, although what precisely this “significance” amounted to still eluded me. I just knew that I profoundly needed change in my life, and I was glad to lunge at the slightest promising opportunity toward such shift of fortune. –

James Tegory
Training & Development Director, Peak Performance.

I decided to see Imran after trying several other routes over many years without success. After just the first session I had more clarity on what the real problem was and several strategies had been put in place to help me. I was hugely relieved to find someone I could trust and had the expertise to help. I thoroughly recommend Imran as a Coach. Working with Imran has changed my life more than I could have hoped!

Lee Graham
Training Manager, Pitney Bowes UK.

Whilst spending 4 days learning NLP from Imran, I immediately sensed that my mind’s filters had cleansed themselves, and I gained an unprecedented clarity with respect to my emotions, my professional and personal choices. I was almost overwhelmed by the confidence that swelled over me, when I realized I could simply go out and achieve so many things I had not allowed myself to do before and all the disparate pieces of life that I could not fit together before now, smoothly and ever so congruously fell into place.

Fiona Wade
Business development Manager, Ntech.

Imran is a refreshingly straightforward and highly skilled Trainer. He wants his clients to succeed and expects, and gives, a level of commitment to getting you over and beyond your challenges. Imran does not beat about the bush (he calls it provocative coaching), so if you’re looking for a softly, softly approach he may not be the right person for you, however from my experience, he achieves fantastic results very quickly.

Mark twine
HR Manager, Softcat

Pound for Pound, this is by far the most valuable personal growth experience I’ve ever had. After 47 years I feel I’ve finally found my true purpose. I can honestly say I’ve never felt filled with direction, clarity and purpose as I do each day. Imran is an outstanding Trainer and delivered all I expected and much much more. My only regret is that I didn’t find my way here earlier.

Kinda Laly
Project Manager

Imran conducted a 2-week training course on Leadership and Selling using NLP, for our IT company. The results of the course surpassed our expectations as we could visibly see the change in our people and their individual approach to the business. The monthly coaching sessions were invaluable and keep the participants on track giving them direct but constructive feedback. My team will certainly be calling on him again for more training and coaching.

Lawrence Cheah
Manager, e92plus Ltd
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